DL28 Remote Reading and Control

  • Communication connection of measuring and control devices in the thermal substation

  • Inclusion of substations in the DL28 remote monitoring and control system photo resize 211 x 255

  • 32-bit CPU @ 454 MHz

  • Linux operating system

  • 256MB DDR2 SDRAM

  • MicroSD card, push-push connector

  • Ethernet interface

  • USB Host, Device, On-The-Go ports

  • RS-232 and RS-485 DCE serial interfaces

  • M-Bus Master and Slave port

  • Galvanic isolation of ports

  • Power supply from 18 to 36V DC

  • Mounting on DIN 35mm rail

Code Name Description
DL28 DL28 communication controller DL28 communication controller

The DL28 device is a communication processor intended for communication connection of measuring and control devices in the thermal substation and their inclusion in the remote monitoring and control system (SCADA system) using different transmission paths. There are several possibilities for remote connection of DL28 to SCADA programs: local computer networks (LAN), wireless computer networks (WLAN), CATV modems, GSM / GPRS / 3G routers as well as other wired and wireless modems. Through the established communication connection, it is possible to perform remote monitoring and real-time reading of the process values of the heat substation, as well as heat energy meters and alarm conditions.

The DL28 is placed in a plastic housing for mounting on a 35mm DIN rail. The front panel has power connectors, USB peripherals, memory cards, Ethernet and serial communication, as well as light operation indicators.

The communication processor supports a Micro SD memory card via a push-push connector .

Connection scheme: