TDM doo is a family business. It was founded by Tomislav Marinković on 14 October 1992 with the aim of starting a business on his own, which he had successfully performed for the previous two decades for the companies "Janko Lisjak" and "Metalservis" from Belgrade. He was also the first director.


Since 1996, the company has also received two co-founders according to the former Law on Enterprises: Darko Marinković, a graduated mechanical engineer of thermo-technology, who has been with the company since 1 January 1995 and Maja Mijaljević, a graduate economist for foreign and domestic trade employed since 1 November1999.



From 12 July 2004 Darko Marinković is the director, and Maja Mijaljević is the financial director. In addition to them, Bojan Petrašinović and Miloš Kostadinović are in charge of sales, Sasa Vidić is in charge of transport and storage, and Mira Mrdaković is in charge of accounting issues.


We want to offer a complete service and problem solving for the widest range of users in one place - from  engineers, investors, wholesalers to contractors. In our company you can find everything you need from the field of heating and ventilation: we provide advices related to the products and customer issues. In our product range there are more then five thousands different products for thermo-technical installations (for remote heating systems and home installations). We also do with the planning  of  central heating, as well as the installation of thermo-technical installations.



In accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2015 we have a certificate number SRN3237 for the area: Sales and installation of equipment for central heating and ventilation.



TDM received a letter of thanks from Belgrade Power Plants for its contribution to the creation of a modern and efficient company , and also for assistance in the reconstruction of the church of the Council of the Holy Archangel Gabriel in the municipality of Ljig by Bishop Milutin of Valjevo.


We are also the bearers of many other letters of thanks, of which we single out the letter of thanks from the humanitarian organization "Children's Heart"for the provided help and support , letter of thanks from the humanitarian organization "Friend in Trouble" for charity, nobility and provided support, letter of thanks from the sports association of students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering "Mašinac" for support of the organization of the 57th "Machinery Festival" and a letter of thanks from the "International White Cross Belgrade" for contributing to a successful organization of kros



We are also holders of the"Excellent SME" certificate


Our most significant projects include the reconstruction of 211 substations in New Belgrade, the Tower on Avala, Kula Usce 1 and 2, the factories Grundfos, Bos, Fiat, Michelin, Nestle, Geox, the reconstruction of the Gazelle Bridge and Vojvode Stepe Street in Belgrade, Emmezet (former Kika), BIA, Moma Stanojlović Institute, Sloboda Čačak, Swedish Embassy, JU Bank Zaječar, administrative building of Jinpros, parish house of Bežanijska church, GAK Narodni front, Torlak Institute, KBC Zvezdara, KBC Zemun, KBC Bežanijska kosa, Clinical Center of Serbia and dozens of residential buildings.